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Summer 2011 Update

Thank you for visiting the Chicago, IL Vital Bridges Alternative Spring Breaks trip blog! This blog is inactive for the time being. It will be active once again in November 2011, when the new Coordinators for this trip are hired. Feel free to browse the information on this blog to get an idea of what the trip has done in the past. If you have questions about this trip, contact the Boston University ASB Program Managers, Leif Hede-Brierley and Suchie Ravindran, at




Registration is Sunday at 8 am everyone! We just wanted to thank everyone who came out to the info sessions and also the ASB CONCERT IS TOMORROW AT 8 PM AT THE GSU ALLEY. There are great groups performing who need your support so go out and support the cause. Hope to see you all there!

Vish and Veronica

First Post of 2011!

Chicago at New Years
Hey guys!

We hope you all had an awesome Holiday season and New Year! Just a reminder that registration for ASB is January 30th! It’s coming up so make sure that you are looking out for which trips you are interested in. Check the IMPORTANT DATES tab above as we will be updating them soon.

DATES: Registration- January 30th, 2011
Spring Break- March 12-20th, 2011

P.S. If you tweet, Our Twitter is @ASBvital, Follow us!


This is where we are going. Out of this world.


We have finally completed a portion of the trip packet and are really excited to get this trip going. This post is gonna be short but that’s okay because we have studying for finals to do. I know it sucks but we hope everyone does awesome and exams and we will be updating this over break so stay tuned!

Vish and Veronica

We’re back YO

This is where we are going....its gonna be epic!

Hey everyone,

We are back post- Thanksgiving break. The turkey is gone, and we are going to tell you what we’re thankful for 🙂

-All the food Vishaal ate over break. He looks obese. Seriously….
All the sleep Veronica got, but now her sleep hours are being robbed by Mugar library…
Veronica’s old now..she’s no longer a teenager. (she’s 20 >_<)
Chicago Pizza- which is AWESOME
Kanye's new CD, which will FO SHO be on our playlist during our drive 🙂
the dougie

Unfortunately finals are already around the corner! And classes ending next week! But that only means that we're closer to ASB! We are in the process of making a twitter, and please keep posted with our blog, as we will be updating every week or so. We're currently in the process of making our itinerary for our week in Chicago, in addition to lots of social events that we will have planned when we aren't being amazing volunteers :D.

What is new:
– Housing has been FINALIZED!

Hope you guys have a great weekend, and good luck with the finals that will ensue!

ASB Love,
Vish and Veronica


Hey guys,

We are the 2011 ASB co-coordinators for the Chicago, Vital Bridges trip. This is Veronica Bohorquez and Vishaal Reddy. We are pumped to be going on this trip, which deals with HIV/AIDS awareness. More details on the trip to follow so stay tuned. Also check out our link below to see our video blog! Comment if you have any questions or concerns.

ASB Love,

Vish and Veronica
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